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Rob Morelli, Founder and CEO

HomeKeepr Helps You Get Realtor Recommendations

For many painters, continued business is based on a steady stream of referrals. But along with that, there is a growing number of apps and home service marketplaces that help guide potential clients to your pot & brush. Do you have to be in them all? There are lots of digital marketplace mobile apps out there for paint contractors, most of which are basically a digital version of the old Yellow Pages. From the consumer point of view, they offer claims that they “verify” the home pro, while the tradeoff for you is paying referral fees for what can already be tight margin jobs. So how can you best take advantage of this burgeoning app market for home pros?

We developed HomeKeepr in an effort to change up the online game and instead use technology to enhance what happens in the real world. We’d all bought houses that needed some work. Who doesn’t have rooms to fix and paint when they buy a house? At first, our real estate agents each gave us recommendations for contractors, but as time went by and we fell out of touch, we found it harder to scrounge up reputable contractors. We came to our own rescue with HomeKeepr, an app that links up homeowners and contractors through recommendations from knowledgeable real estate agents.

How is it different? While many contractor sites are built on reviews, we developed HomeKeepr to be built on real referrals from real people, so you can avoid the problem of bad reviews by cranky customers that immediately put you on the defensive.

For an industry that has thrived for years on word-of-mouth, the transition to an anonymous search can be problematic. Not to mention, one anonymous bad review on a website can torpedo years of careful reputation building. Along with that, suddenly you’re spending less time painting and more time keeping up with the latest in Search Engine Optimization.

Since reviews can leave out important details (like the truth) or turn into a situation where customers and contractors are both trying to plead their sides publicly, they might not be as helpful as they should be. Our app is filled with local home service pros who have been referred by one of the professionals that homebuyers trust most—their REALTOR.

With a referral-based app like HomeKeepr, you get invited to the community by a local real estate agent who knows your work and would happily recommend you to their friends—a strong testament to your ability as a painter. When that agent recommends you, they also let all their HomeKeepr-enrolled clients know that you’re the one they trust for their painting jobs.

This makes your referral network as easy to access as the weather app on your phone, and combines word-of-mouth with smartphone tech. The result is a very close and convenient network of friends happy to recommend you for painting jobs big and small.

“I get work from HomeKeepr through recommendations, often from one real estate agent to another,” said Arlington, Texas, area painter Victor Flores of Empire Painting. “I’ve been noticing some different Realtors are sending leads to me, not just the agents that I already know. That’s how I know a referral is coming from HomeKeepr. Since I’m already listed with Keller Williams as a vendor, a HomeKeepr partner, HomeKeepr makes sense for me. I like that it’s used by a lot of real estate agents, including some I’m already connected with. I get recommended a lot to people who buy houses and want to remodel or need painting.”

HomeKeepr hooks you up with homeowners who already trust you since you come recommended. Chances are if you get a call from someone using this service, they’re ready for some painting and less like to price shop you! Since our service is based on recommendations instead of reviews, you’ll need that recommendation to get into the club. You can join the HomeKeepr community right now as a homeowner by visiting homekeepr.com or create your professional contractor profile now to see if a Realtor is already recommending you at home.homekeepr.com/home-pros.

About the developers:
Rob Morelli has been deeply involved in the startup sector since 2009, including having founded the real estate and mortgage financial advisory firm Sirona Advisors. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University.

Saro Cutri brings more than five years of experience at the intersection of residential real estate and web startups to the venture. Cutri earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University’s College of Engineering.

David Weinstein was with a private multi-family and hotel family business where he was instrumental in the acquisition of more than $500 million of real estate. He has a B.S and a Masters of Business Administration from Cornell.