Junk For Your Trunk—September, 2018

By The Paint Dealer,

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From Intertape Polymer Group: Pro-Mask Blue With Bloc-It® Clean Line Technology!
Blue fine crepe paper masking tape with a specially formulated pressure-sensitive synthetic rubber adhesive designed for exposure to sunlight up to fourteen days. Featuring IPG’s® patented Bloc-it® Clean Line Technology. Wherever masking is exposed to weather/out-of-doors conditions, interior masking of windows (where adhesive will be directly exposed to sunlight).


PPG Paints™ Perma-Crete Alkali Resistant Primer provides alkali & efflorescent resistant application to surfaces up to pH of 13, in temperatures down to 35°F. Formulated for interior/exterior, above-grade concrete, masonry, plaster, tilt-up, stucco, fiber cement, and wood, it prevents cracking and safeguards new, unpainted substrates from moisture damage. It reduces paint failure resulting from blistering and peeling, and demonstrates excellent stain blocking and application properties.



Shur-Line’s Flat Painter™ has a long handle and flat surface to help you reach tight places with ease, and get farther into these places than a conventional brush will allow. It fits into spaces as small as 5/8”. Use it for painting behind toilets, cabinets, appliances and radiators, and wall mounted TVs. Low lint fabric pad produces a smooth finish and can be replaced with same pad used for Shur-Line Edgers.


Shur-Line has introduced the Easy Tray™ Multi-Purpose Thumb Tray for edgers, 4” and 6” mini rollers, and 7” paint pads. This tray has a unique thumb hole that provides extra control. Put your thumb in the hole and hold the bottom of the tray and you can support the weight of the paint in the try. Ribbed side walls provide an edge to excess paint from your applicator.


Warner’s Painter’s Series 8” & 10” taping knives serve as drywall finishing tools and can also be used as trimming tools and to set and smooth masking tape. Each full tang blade is made of high carbon steel, and is stamped, heat treated for hardness, individually ground, mirror finished, washed, and lacquer coated to prevent rust. Use the Hammer Cap™ to set nails, push points and more.