Junk For Your Trunk—July. 2018

By Kathy,

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Pro-Mask Blue With Bloc-It® Clean Line Technology, from Intertape Polymer
Blue fine crepe paper masking tape with a specially formulated pressure-sensitive synthetic rubber adhesive designed for exposure to sunlight up to fourteen days. Featuring IPG’s® patented Bloc-it® Clean Line Technology. Wherever masking is exposed to weather/out-of-doors conditions, interior masking of windows (where adhesive will be directly exposed to sunlight).


PPG PAINTS™ BUILDER PERFORMANCE™ is a high-quality latex paint for interior walls and ceilings. Its low odor and application characteristics make application easy by spraying, brushing, or rolling. The product provides a uniform flat finish to help hide tape joints and surface imperfections, and its excellent hide and touch-up properties result in an even and quality finish. The curated Builder Performance color palette includes 10 top PPG Paints neutrals.


Festool’s Granat Net abrasive is the perfect solution for surface sanding operations that produce high volumes of dust. The open net structure enables dust extraction across the entire surface—for working cleanly, a high material removal capacity, and a long service life of the abrasive. Available in five different formats that cover a wide range of applications. Allows for positioning of the sanding disc on the pad, because there is no hole pattern to match.


Full Circle International’s Mesh Abrasives are designed to work with Radius360® Air.
• Use with new perforated pad.
• Unique cutting edge and woven design sands without scratching.
• Available in 150, 180, 220 grits.
• Total surface adhesion with hook & loop backing.
• Use without “air curtain” on Radius360 Air.
• Fluid movement with reduced drag from vacuum suction.
• No adjusting air damper, use with damper in closed position.


T-Rex® Brute Force™ Tape is designed for projects that require intense strength, durability and holding power, no matter the application. Because one 36” loop of tape holds 700+ pounds of weight, Brute Force has the ability to fundamentally change the expectations of what duct tape can do. The high-bond, double-thick adhesive offers a durable waterproof backing suitable for all-weather performance. Forge-Link™ Technology gives it un-matched holding power and strength.