Junk For Your Trunk—June, 2018

By The Paint Dealer,

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Pro-Mask Blue With Bloc-It® Clean Line Technology, from Intertape Polymer
Blue fine crepe paper masking tape with a specially formulated pressure-sensitive synthetic rubber adhesive designed for exposure to sunlight up to fourteen days. Featuring IPG’s® patented Bloc-it® Clean Line Technology. Wherever masking is exposed to weather/out-of-doors conditions, interior masking of windows (where adhesive will be directly exposed to sunlight).


Bosch has two new lasers in its BLAZE lineup:
• Outdoor GLM400C Connected Laser Measure with Viewfinder.
• Outdoor GLM400CL Connected Laser Measure with Camera.
Both rely on a 5.0-megapixel, 8X zoom camera with scratch-proof screen to find the laser target at up to 400 ft. in bright conditions, expansive indoor space or against busy backdrops. The easy-to-read color display illuminates large numbers, and all measurements can easily be transferred to a smartphone project planning app.


Anvil Paints’ Mobile Home Restore is a fast-drying paint conditioner that brings color luster back to vertical mobile home surfaces. It applies a tough, flexible film to external walls, which has excellent resistance to scrubbing, pressure washing, and harsh weather conditions. It protects and seals vertical manufactured home surfaces for up to three years. Paint over it within two hours of application; acts as a primer for water-based paints.


Nextarp’s™ specialty-engineered tarpaulins are designed with no woven components and made from a puncture-resistant film that will not fray and is impervious to weather. Testing has proven them to be weather-resistant for up to five years. Fused edges and grommets add to their overall superior performance. UV resistant, lightweight, and made from 100% recycled 4PE. Many sizes and thicknesses available.


From Can to pan: C2P Strain™ is the only product specially designed for a no mess strain directly from your paint can into your painting pan. It fits any one gallon paint can, directs the flow of paint for no mess, captures clumps and dry paint, allows for easy “pop off” rermoval, and is reusable and chemical resistant. Say good bye to messy bag strainers!