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By Jerry Rabushka,

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New Options in Applicators

Our project painter Jim Estes told us a story from back when he was a young buck and showed his boss his new-fangled angled brush. “What do you think of this?” he asked.The boss took a quick look and flung it out the window. “If you can’t cut in with a regular brush, you have no business being a painter,” he said.

Not everyone agrees—we’re all about using whatever tool you need to do the best job you can, but that’s why there are so many: different painters have different tastes, and apparently very strong opinions. We’ve got lots of news and opinions to share and only a couple pages to do it, so let’s get started.



Roll Out the Brushes

Many brush companies are proud that their products are Made in the USA. If you’re a painter who likes homegrown product, you’ll have a new opportunity, thanks to an expansion of Made in the USA products from Premier Paint Roller. Premier, a third-generation family-owned business, has been located in New York City since its founding in 1968, and (you do the math!) is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2018. On the occasion of this half-century, it is investing in both machinery and upgrade of its Queens, New York facility. “This represents a serious long-term commitment to the growth and longevity of the company,” they said.

While the company name says Paint Roller, it’s putting some serious R&D into American-made brushes. “Premier has been manufacturing high-quality roller covers for decades, and it made complete strategic sense for us to apply that commitment to high-quality paint brushes as well. We have been one of the largest importers of brushes for many years and used this knowledge to identify growth opportunities of various quality-levels of Made in USA brushes,” said Kevin Leichter, third generation and current CEO of Premier.

“We are proud to partner with DuPont®, which has been extremely supportive of our initial roll-out with paint brush filaments manufactured in its West Virginia facility. It has been great to partner with a large company that supports our quest to grow manufacturing in the United States, especially here at home in New York City,” said Leichter. “As we begin to roll-out various products, our customers have also been extremely supportive and eager to commit to domestically made brushes.”

If New York is a six-hour flight, don’t despair. Premier now has a facility in Phoenix, Arizona and recently opened a warehouse in Mexico City to assist in its Latin American expansion plans.


Bravo, Wooster!

The Wooster Brush Company is adding a new size to its Bravo Stainer™ Line. The brushes offer excellent quality and versatility for nearly any staining project. “The Wooster Brush Company is proud to announce the addition of a 2¾-inch size to extend the product lines of both available blends,” the company said.

Bravo Stainer brushes are available in both 100% white China bristle and a white China bristle/sable polyester blend. The 100% white China bristle brushes deliver smooth results with oil-based products. The bristle/poly blend provides quick coverage with all stains, waterproofing sealers, and wood toners—water- or oil-based. All of the Bravo Stainer brushes offer a threaded, hardwood handle that may be easily removed for extension pole use; this versatility makes Bravo Stainer brushes a great option for flooring as well as hard-to-reach areas.

They are also ideal for use on decks, siding, fences, masonry, and more. The new 2¾-inch size is perfect to use on spindles, balusters, and deck rails that are less than 4 inches wide.With the addition of the new SKUs, both blends of Bravo Stainer brushes are now offered in 2¾-, 4-, 4¾-, and 5½-inch sizes.


Stadium Capacity

Purdy’s XL High Capacity is an extension of its XL brush series, which features a unique ‘stadium’-shaped ferrule design that allows the brush to pick up and hold more paint, This lets you cover more surfaces and paint farther, faster. The round and thick beavertail-shaped handle fits firmly in your palm for a well-balanced hold, and is crafted of the same moisture-wicking and lightweight hardwood as the other XL series brushes.

The XL High Capacity is designed for all types of indoor and outdoor environments, and for use with latex and oil-based paints, primers, and stains. The copper ferrule and specialized filament blend of Tynex®, Nylon/Orel®, and polyester allow XL brushes to create excellent paint performance and coverage despite job difficulty or challenging painting surfaces.


What’s On Your Mind?

Good question—literally. Ben Waksman, president of Corona Brushes, reported that when painters call they mostly ask about what applicator goes with what paint—not unusual since there’s new stuff in both categories coming out all the time. “Recommending the best applicator for a particular coating solves a lot of problems,” he said. After that, he doesn’t hear much until the job comes to an end. “We get questions about cleanup, which is a problem when using most of today’s faster-setting paints. The key is to try to get the brush or roller clean after use with a thorough washing down to the well and not leave resin build-up, which can kill the brush or roller.”

But still, there will also be those common problems: picture framing, roller marks, that tell-tale line that shows exactly where you stopped rolling and started brushing. Is that your fault, or the applicator’s? Quality tools, Waksman notes, can certainly help. “Make sure you are using a good quality brush or roller for one. Corona brushes and rollers are formulated, designed and built to avoid painter problems.” Plus, he adds, don’t let your applicators run dry. “Keep a wet edge. Also, be familiar with the coating you are applying and how quickly it tends to dry.”

Experience will teach as well. Your technique may vary depending on the gloss level or how dark the color is, something you’ll figure out over time if you haven’t already. “A good rule of thumb is not get too far ahead cutting in and then rolling up to the area you brushed,” he said.


Still Gotta Prep

Mark Francazio, category director, paint & paint sundries, World and Main, reminds us that good prep helps your applicators work their best magic. “Having the right products is a great start, but prepping the tools and the job appropriately beforehand is often forgotten in this process,” he said. You’ll be able to apply paint better over a surface that’s ready to accept it. “Whether that be sanding and priming or taping and scraping, all of it helps ensure you get the results you expect out of your work.”

World and Main is at the ready to make sure you have the tools you need for a great job. “We work closely with our QC, sourcing, and manufacturers to ensure that our product quality meets our customers needs,” said Francazio. “Throughout the year, we conduct testing both internally and through third-party resources to confirm that we’re hitting industry standards in all key categories. We pride ourselves on having the ability to quickly adapt to issues or market demands.”