Junk for Your Trunk—March, 2018

By The Paint Dealer,

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Stucco Masking Tape from Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) is a durable, moisture resistant polyethelyne backed tape with a rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive that bonds well to most surfaces. Designed to offer a high degree of conformability without excessive stretch. It is great for many construction projects including seaming poly, flooring underlayument, and surface protection.


Purdy’s XL High Capacity features a unique ‘stadium’-shaped ferrule design that allows the brush to pick up and hold more paint so you can cover more surfaces and paint further, faster. The round and thick beavertail-shaped handle fits firmly in the palm for a well-balanced hold. For all types of indoor and outdoor environments; works with latex and oil-based paints, primers and stains. Available in 2”, 2.5” and 3”.


Bon’s line of contractor-grade hand tools and materials for the building trades has been expanded; over 100 new items are included in the recently released 60th anniversary issue of Bon’s Master Catalog. The large selection includes tools for masonry, concrete and decorative concrete finishing, concrete restoration, drywall, interior construction, etc. Available free to the trade by making a request online.


Paul N. Gardner’s TQC Drying Time Recorder measures and records the drying time of surface coatings. It is a fully digitally controlled machine that conforms to the BK (Beck Koller) method and meets ASTM D5895, ISO 9117-4 and DIN EN 14022. Defining the final result or checking intermediate stages is very easy by means of the clear digital display and the intuitive controller. The front panel is made out of hardened glass, which is easy to clean and protects the display underneath it.


Festool’s Granat Net abrasive is the perfect solution for surface sanding operations that produce high volumes of dust. The open net structure enables dust extraction across the entire surface—for working cleanly, a high material removal capacity, and a long service life of the abrasive. Available in five different formats that cover a wide range of applications. Easy positioning of the sanding disc on the pad, because there is no hole pattern to match.