The Tile Effect

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Glass Bead XL Texture from Lifestyle Finishes


by Dana Rice, Golden Paintworks®


Lifestyle Finishes Glass Bead Textures add dimension and glamour to any project. In this document, we’ll show how to create a tile effect with Glass Bead XL Texture. Made from real glass beads, the recycled, durable beads have a pale turquoise hue against white and look fantastic against metallic colors for a glimmering surface.


TOOLS Needed:

Painter’s tape
Delicate surface painter’s tape
Spatula or plastic trowel
Ruler or measuring tape
Snap line


Prepare the surface with a stain-blocking primer to prevent unwanted discoloration. Once the primer is dry, apply a basecoat color. Two coats are recommended for complete coverage. Let it dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step.

Select a basecoat color that complements or highlights the glass beads. The basecoat will become part of the final finish and show through the translucent glass bead application. For our basecoat, we chose Lifestyle Finishes Metallic Pearl tinted with a Phthalo Green dispersion. It is always recommended that you test your desired finish on a sample board to make sure you are satisfied with the final product.


Use painter’s tape to protect the ceiling and any molding or trim. Cover the floor and any area of the wall not receiving the application with a drop cloth or paper, since the Glass Bead XL Texture can be a bit messy to work with and easily adheres to other surfaces.

Next, measure the wall into sections to define your tile size. Apply delicate surface painter’s tape to create a “grout” line. Use a plumb line and a snap line for accurate spacing. Our finish is 4″ squares with a 1″ grout line.

Tape off the measured squares and press the tape edges down firmly to prevent seepage.

Note: This product is loaded with glass beads, so plan coverage based on 18 sq. ft / gallon.



Apply the glass beads with a spatula or plastic trowel using a heavy hand to ensure good coverage. Work the beads into one thin coat across the surface, using the trowel to press the beads into a single layer. Chatter marks will fade once the product dries. If you get worm holes, go back over the area with the trowel to fill them in.

Work patiently and make sure the surface is completely covered, but in a single layer. Wipe the trowel periodically to ensure product does not dry on the trowel, causing increased scratch marks. Smooth the final application with a clean trowel, using a shallow angle.

Achieving a single layer provides the most transparency when finished. If the texture is applied too thickly, the finish will remain milky when it dries. When finished, wipe tools with a paper towel before washing to minimize glass beads going down the drain.


While the product is still wet, carefully remove the tape at a perpendicular angle to avoid pulling up the texture. In addition to removing the “grout line” tape, while the application is still wet, also remove any tape that is protecting the molding or other areas.

Once the tape has been removed, allow the application to dry thoroughly, approximately 12-18 hours. If the application is in a high-traffic area, consider applying a topcoat to protect the finish.

Visit our website for more ideas and examples of ways to use Lifestyle Finishes Glass Bead XL Texture.