Junk For Your Trunk—February, 2018

By The Paint Dealer,

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GREAT FOR CONSTRUCTION! Stucco Masking Tape from Intertape Polymer Group is a durable, moisture resistant polyethelyne backed tape with a rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive that bonds well to most surfaces. Designed to offer a high degree of conformability without excessive stretch. It is great for many construction projects including seaming poly, flooring underlayument, and surface protection.


Rockler has introduced a gallon-sized version of its quart-sized Mixing Mate Paint Lid. The gallon-sized mixing turbine operates with a simple crank handle to achieve a thorough mix in a matter of seconds; the sealed rim eliminates drips and spills and provides easy storage. The lid features four cam locks that create a tight seal to the can, eliminating spills. Lock the lid, then crank the handle clockwise for approximately 30 seconds to completely mix the paint or finish.


Purdy’s Nest Tray System provides you with interchangeable trays for increased productivity. You can create a portable system to move paint and supplies with one trip, saving time and decreasing fatigue. The system includes dual roll-off bucket with lid, both 9″ and 18″ trays, and inverted liners that leave room for your roller frame or extension poles.


DEWALT’s 20V MAX Compact 3.0Ah Battery (DCB230) offers the same capacity as the company’s DCB200 batteries, but is 20% lighter. This adds to the wide range of battery options offered by Dewalt. From compact to heavy-duty, you can choose the optimal battery for you application. Each battery is compatible with the 20V MAX* System from DEWALT, now totaling over 165 products. 3-year limited warranty.


Hyde’s 4” wall repair patch kit includes a 4″x4″ self-adhesive steel patch, 3 oz. tubes of Better Finish Joint Compound, a tube applicator, a 6″ spatula, and sand paper. Easy to follow directions on the packaging walk you though the process. The Better Finish Compound is easy to apply and sand; the patch sticks to the wall as you apply it.