Product Spotlight: Rust Destroyer

By Jerry Rabushka,

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It’s Magic!

Maybe it’s not exactly magic, but Tom Heiss, president and CEO of Advanced Protective Products, will tell you his rust products work like no other. “Rust Destroyer, Fast Dry Rust Destroyer, and Rust Knockout are unique due to our proprietary formulations,” he said. What’s as important as what they are, he said, is what they’re not. “These products are ‘universal based rust converting coatings,’ he explained. “They are different from the other products because they are NOT rust inhibitors and they are NOT rust removers. Our products go through a chemical reaction when in contact with rust. X-ray diffraction proves that there is no rust under our coatings.”

Use it on anything, he says: bicycles, battleships, whatever in between. “One of our customers said her painter used the product on wooden house trim, which gave the appearance that the entire exterior was redone,” he said. “The customer received many compliments.” Hopefully the painter did too!

Not only that, adds Tom, but the product will save you…if you’ve read this magazine enough, you know exactly what it will save you…time and money! “Fast Dry Rust Destroyer dries to touch in 10 minutes and may be top coated after six hours,” said Heiss. “This means that you can prime in the morning and finish the job the same afternoon.”

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