Junk For Your Trunk—July, 2107

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Ferociously Strong Tape

T-Rex® Tape is specially designed for all-weather durability to work longer and hold stronger than other ordinary tapes. Whether it’s simple residential jobs, or extreme industrial repairs on a work site, there’s no project too big or too small for this hard-hitting tape. Its double-thick, super-aggressive adhesive allows the tape to offer superior hold on even the most rough and dirty surfaces. T-Rex® Tape is also made with UV resistant materials that block the sun’s harsh UV rays from weakening the adhesive and ensures the staying power to last through all types of temperatures and humidity levels.


Reformulated exterior latex

Sun-Proof exterior latex house & trim from PPG Paints® resists cracking, peeling and flaking, even after exposure to extreme weather conditions. It is formulated with outstanding dirt-resistance properties, making it easy to rinse away surface dirt and grime with soap and water. The product’s flash rust resistance ensures that rust from items such as nail heads won’t bleed through the surface. VOC levels are less than 50 grams per liter, so it is VOC-compliant in all regulated areas.



Moisture Meter

Paul N. Gardner’s Professional PTM 2.0 is a hand-held, digital, pin-type resistance moisture meter designed to take precise measurements of moisture content in wood, relative drywall readings and comparative WME (Wood Moisture Equivalent) readings in wood by-products and other building products. The Professional PTM 2.0 has built-in standard calibrations, specific calibration for over 500 wood species and adjustable temperature correction.


Aerosol Adhesive

Tytan Drywall High Yield Adhesive offers a unique formula that combines the cost savings and speed of foam adhesives with the strength and durability of polyurethane adhesives. It offers superior gap fill and no shrinking, and can be used to install exterior sheathing to improve blower door test results. The aerosol-delivered formula eliminates screw pops and can be used on both vertical and overhead ceiling surfaces.


Elastomeric Roof Coating

Rust-Oleum® 10 Year Elastomeric Roof Coating provides a high initial reflectivity value of 75%, energy efficiency, long term durability and excellent resistance to weathering and dirt pick-up. This coating is formulated to meet or exceed standards established in ASTM D 6083. Waterproofs and weatherproofs metal, weathered single ply membranes, smooth surface asphalt built-up and modified bitumen roofing substrates.