Daily Grind—July, 2017

By Jerry Rabushka,

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Managing Editor

Diamonds, Aluminum, Daffodils, and Sapphires

So we’re ten. We started as a quarterly insert in The Paint Dealer in the summer of 2007; I snapped a cover photo of a guy fishing a mini roller out of Walker Lake in Kirkwood, MO. Next we had a cover of a waitress pouring red paint out a coffee pot while two painters dipped their chicken strips in green latex. It was gross, but low VOC.

Last week we got a lot of feedback. A couple of you called or wrote simply to say you really like the articles in the magazine, for which I humbly thank you. A couple of you wrote in with some “issues.” Thank you as well; if you’re unhappy with an article, I will at least explain why we made the decisions we did, or we’ll stand corrected. Mistakes and typos will always happen. We can’t even do a call back; after it’s printed, we can’t touchup.

My purpose here is to tell your story; if you’re a manufacturer it’s to let you talk about your products and perspectives. If you’re a painter, it’s your chance to talk about your life, your business and ideas, your heart and soul if you want to bare it. You are my hero and I want to do right by you. You work hard and are not always rewarded as you should be.

The words “according to” have saved me on several occasions. Once I got in trouble because a company said there was no “according to,” it was absolute truth that their product was the best and how dare I not announce it as such. They’re no longer in business. Best products float to the top, they stay on the walls, floors, whatever they do, they do it best. Best product for one circumstance might be a dog for a second. Best product in your hands might die in the hands of the painter two trucks over.

We are never in the business of messing you over, but I’ve learned in my years of being a writer and a performing artist that everyone won’t love you. In my younger days this upset me, but I’m trying to change perspective. “If you don’t like the way I sing, listen to something else. If you don’t like my book, read something else.” And if you don’t like reading The Paint Contractor…well…you should still advertise to the people that do!

Against conventional wisdom,, in 2009 we hoisted this magazine from a quarterly to a monthly in the thick of The Great Recession. A lot of print media got eaten up by online media, but we kept our head up. We want to be a friend to the industry in a way that is unique. We don’t, and won’t, do it like everyone else does it (why bother?)—but we believe in ourselves, and we believe in you.

We’ve got a couple new writers coming on board, so look for their bylines here or in The Paint Dealer. Time for some new voices. When our former editor moved on, I took over his responsibilities. You can be sure my salary doubled along with my work load…oh, wait, no. I’m looking forward to working with some new folks, so please welcome them.

Whether you’re a painter, a manufacturer, a rep, a dealer, a publicist, or anywhere in between, we are proud to have worked for you these 10 years and we hope we’ve made your job easier and your business more successful. Thanks, as always, for your friendship and support.