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Interior Project: Make the Boss Happy

If you paint the boss’s office, you have to do it right—and you get to see all the products we used to make it faster, easier, and better.
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

Cut Sandstone Texture project from Lifestyle Finishes

Golden Paintworks® shares a “How To” of an easy to do wall texture your customers will love!
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By Dana Rice, Golden Paintworks®

Palette of Departments

Go West Young Man…Wait, You Can’t

You can’t get there from here.
sponsored by Blue Dolphin
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

14-Day Painter's Tape and more!

sponsored by Intertape Polymer Group
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

By Jerry Rabushka,


Managing Editor

Go West Young Man…Oh Wait, You Can’t

Pet peeve #1: You’re at the donut shop with a friend—just work with me—and he dunks his donut but you don’t, you just bite. The conversation shifts from something interesting to:

Why don’t you want to dunk it? Have you tried dunking it? What are you so afraid of? I can’t believe you don’t want to dunk it…

And on and on, until you wonder why your friend has such a vested interest in you dunking it and by the end of the afternoon the entire relationship is in question because someone can’t accept that you don’t want to dunk.

Peeve #2: “Can I get to I-44 East from Shrewsbury Ave?”

This yes or no question got me a 30-minute lecture on how come I didn’t know the streets of St. Louis and should we continue to be friends (you know the answer). If you do know the streets of St. Louis, you would know it’s a perfectly good question because in many instances you access 44 West and 44 East from different streets. I had never got on 44 from Shrewsbury Ave, so I wanted to make sure I could.

If a simple yes or no question “do you want me to use the blue tape here?” becomes a disputation of your character, maybe it’s time to move on. Maybe you should know, but maybe there are four colors of tape in the box, so you want to make sure vs. having someone hit you later for using the wrong product.

Safety in numbers: I hired Kingdom Builders to fix the roof over my front porch. At age 101 (the porch, not the carpenter), it was rotting and falling over. Our esteemed publisher Hans asked if I got competing bids before making a decision, and I had to say no. It took me a year to find this guy and if I’d had to wait for three or four contractors to return my initial contact, show up, and then come back with an estimate, the entire house would be rubble.

“We’ll get back with you in a couple days” apparently doesn’t mean anything remotely like that, even if you’re a top performer on Angie’s List. So like a lot of our profile articles, when someone answers “how do you get work” by saying “I show up,” well, that’s true.

Also, Kingdom came from a trusted source—my dad hired Adam Dill, the painter we profiled last December, for some exterior work. Adam spent three days of prep and a day painting and my father was very happy with him. If you know anything about my family you know they won’t hide behind platitudes if they don’t like how something’s done, so if Dad says it’s good, it’s good. Kingdom came recommended through a train that started with Adam, so I felt they were trustworthy.

What I liked about the guy who did it was just that—he did it. He showed up, got to work, didn’t ask anything of me (do you have a hammer?), and when I came outside he let me know what he was doing, then got back to work. When he finished, he slapped a on coat of white Valspar and left me the can, so maybe in five years I’ll put on coat two.

So far, all the critical people in my life like the way it looks. If they don’t they can hire someone else for a redo or be quiet.

Peeve #3: People who find fault with everything and then wonder why no one talks to them.

The contractor mentioned that pretty much any job they did had to take budget into consideration. No one had ever told him, “remodel and I don’t care what it costs.” If I need to in another 101 years, I’ll have him fix it again. If he wasn’t busy, I’d take him out for a dunk—or straight up.

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